Example Challenges

Challenge 1
  • Make the cat glide around the edge of the screen.
  • You'll likely want to use the glide block¬†and the turn block.
  • Once you have the motion figured out, use the repeat block to make it happen five times.
Challenge 2
  • Have the cat move forward until you press the space key, then say "ouch".
  • Suggested blocks:
    • repeat until
    • key ___ pressed?
    • move
    • say
Challenge 3
  • Design your own "sprite" (character) and have it say something to introduce itself.
Challenge 4
  • Have your designed sprite move across the screen until it hits a wall, then turn around and go back to the center.
  • Suggested blocks:
    • if
    • touching ___
  • You'll also want to design a costume for your sprite that is facing the opposite direction.
Challenge 5
  • Make your sprite (or the cat) move around the screen with your mouse.
Challenge 6
  • Make your sprite (or the cat) move around the screen with the arrow keys.
Challenge 7
  • Draw a coin and distribute copies of it around the screen.
  • Have the coins disappear when your sprite touches them.
  • Give your sprite a point whenever it collects a coin.
  • Change the screen background every ten points.
Challenge 8

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